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Your Free Personal Sim Racing Coach

Welcome, Racers! Here I provide free Sim Race Coaching. This site is a blog to help new and experienced drivers alike. Within this blog, you will find track guides, setup guides, racecraft tips, reviews of actual sim races, and real-world racing lessons that you can apply in any sim. This blog aims to help anyone in the sim racing community, regardless of their chosen sim, get the most joy out of sim racing. I spent the last three years learning the ins and outs of many sims, and now it’s time to share with the world what I have learned. Lastly, I have set up a way for sim racers to send me videos of their hot laps in vehicles I am qualified to coach for. I can offer advice in the following classes:

  • GT3
  • GT4
  • Xfinity Stockcars
  • NASCAR Trucks (Camping World Truck Series)
  • and NTT Indy Series

If your chosen car is not on the list above, I may still be able to offer advice on general racecraft, interpreting MoTec data, and developing race strategies. As the sim racing community grows, it becomes more important to collaborate and share knowledge in every way possible. If you would like to find out more about us, click here. If you would like to contact us, click here.

What Sims are Focused On?

Great question! I operate predominantly in Rfactor 2, iRacing, and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

How Can You Support The Blog?

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