Starting Your Sim Racing Journey: Tips

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Sim racing is becoming increasingly popular as a hobby and competitive sport, with many professional drivers getting their start in virtual racing. For those just starting out in sim racing, there are a few sim racing tips that can help you get the most out of your experience. Five Tips Sim racing can be an … Read more

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel

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Before I begin, I should mention I am not sponsored by Logitech or have any affiliation with them. I also wanted to make note that I do not have this wheel on site and this review dives into the tech details and offers firsthand knowledge of past experiences with Logitech and Fanatec. Now, without further … Read more

Math Behind Corner Banking

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Oval racers experience corner banking more than most other race series drivers. Oval racers know that you can get much more speed out of a banked at Bristol than in New Hampshire. Both are short oval tracks, but they have surprisingly different speed variances. This begs the question; what is the math behind corner banking? … Read more

Common Cornering Mistakes

A1 Grand Prix

This post is all about common cornering mistakes, especially for newer racers, that people make when cornering in any sim. The issues covered in this post are improper line, oversteer, understeer, and inaccuracies. While each mistake is covered in-depth below, it is important to define them now. You can skip to the one that matches … Read more

The Ultimate Sim Racing Starter Guide

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What better way to start a new blog with an ultimate Sim Racing Starter Guide? I cover the equipment needed to start sim racing, the available sims, and some basic introductory tips to help get you started in the world of sim racing in this Sim Racing Starter Guide. Put your racing gloves on, tighter … Read more